The Story of J. Render’s

A lot has happened over the last ten years. We documented our journey recently in this presentation that leads up to the opening of the J. Render’s Speakeasy. We hope you will enjoy. Thanks for all the support. Now it’s time to plan your next party with us!

Dirty Martinis – How Do You like Yours?

Dirty Martinis.. yes please!  Everyone may like their martini a little different, I know I sure do. Our bartender and I are going to show you how we make our Dirty martini here at J. Render’s Southern Table and Bar! I know the other side of the bar, I...
What does “Local” actually mean?

What does “Local” actually mean?

Have you noticed that you often see the word “Local” being used in a lot of social media and print advertising? And while we are certainly a “local” business, I haven’t routinely used that word when talking about what we do and who we do it with. But I have come to...