Dirty Martinis.. yes please!  Everyone may like their martini a little different, I know I sure do. Our bartender and I are going to show you how we make our Dirty martini here at J. Render’s Southern Table and Bar!

I know the other side of the bar, I don’t really know much about behind the bar. So I have our lovely bartender Shannon here to help me today. Lately, I have been straying from my wine and doing Dirty Martinis.

So we’re going to make a Gwyn’s Way dirty martini today.. ’cause I like it filthy. So – let’s go!

We are going to use the grey goose today, a full jigger of olive juice, give it a shake with some ice. We want it really cold! Strain it into your favorite martini glass.

Even though it’s cold outside, you drink a dirty martini and you are going to be warmed to your toes.

What is it missing you might ask? Bleu cheese stuffed olives. Is it 5 o’clock somewhere? Always.

You need to come see Shannon and have her make you one of these! See you for Happy Hour Lexington. Check out our menu and stop by and see us for discounted drinks and food every week!

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