The roots of regional barbecue, like all types of cuisine, evolved based on the animals and plants readily available the area, as well as the dominant cultural influences. While there are probably a countless number of BBQ styles available today, there are generally four main U.S. BBQ styles:

Texas Style

Named after the state where beef is king and brisket is a crown price, Texas style BBQ is usually either “naked” or served with the least sweet of the tomato based sauces.

Memphis Style

Known best for the wet marinated pork ribs that are basted while smoking, Memphis style BBQ can also be made by applying dry rub during or right after it’s been cooked. Mild, sweet or spicy rubs are typically used.

Kansas City Style

This style meat is liberally seasoned with spices and sweet rubs and smoked in a hickory-stoked pit for hours. Thick and sweet sauces are used on the pork and tangy briskets.

Carolina Style

The hoggiest of them all. Pig pickings and pulled pork are usually mixed with thin, vinegar based sauces to make this BBQ style flavorful and juicy.

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