Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s talk about a strong woman! Gwyn Everly has worked very hard to make the Render’s name all that it is. The National Association of Women Business Owner’s recently nominated her for the 2023 Owner of the Year!


When asked, “What have you and your business done to improve business and financial opportunities for other women?,” Gwyn’s answer is thoughtful and genuine. We’d like to share her words with you.


This is my favorite question, for empowering women is extremely important to me personally and professionally. J. Render’s provides learning opportunities and room for advancement to women whether they stay with us or leave in pursuit of other dreams. Every woman supervisor and shift lead started with us at an entry-level position. I have seen their potential and remind them of their value often. Our catering coordinator has been with us since day one and started as a day bartender; now she not only coordinates every catering and delivery order we receive and executes every Speakeasy event, but she works a full weekly shift as our lead bartender; our assistant kitchen manager is an immigrant from Mexico who started as a line cook and was promoted due to her hard work ethic and how much she cares about the Render’s brand; a single mom, who started as a hostess before becoming a mother, worked her way up to serving then bartending and has been promoted to shift lead; a former employee started on the food truck was promoted to a kitchen lead and eventually became our Kitchen Manager before she accepted a position closer to home – she will always have a home at J. Render’s; a server with vast experience was recently promoted to Asst. General Manager– all female and all using their talents to run our busy ship. I couldn’t be prouder.


We believe in second chances, so I share this story with “K”’s permission.  “K”, who was newly in recovery and a mother to 4 girls, came to work for us approximately 5 years ago. She started on the food truck, was promoted to serving, and then promoted to bartender.  She continued to work hard and was eager to learn more.  Eventually, she not only worked her bartending shifts as the lead bartender but also served as Human Resources, assistant to the owner, and employee liaison.  Through her dedication and hard work with us, she developed the skills needed to become a manager at a local non-profit organization. She is doing what she loves and credits what she learned at Render’s in helping give her the tools needed to land her dream job. We remain close friends and continue to support one another daily.


Cheers to empowered women who empower women!