Keeping your employees happy

The way through someone’s heart is through the stomach. Keep your employee’s full and content and your wallet happy by hiring a great caterer for your corporate event.

Choosing your caterer

  1. Budget – Set aside money from your budget for food specifically and adjust from there. When hiring a caterer make sure that there are no hidden costs or additional fees. Let your carter know you’re on a budget, most times they will work with you.
  2. Quality and Quantity – Now is not a time to skimp on quality or quantity. Get the most for your buck by hiring a caterer who cooks delicious food and lots of it for a fair price.
  3. Sample – Since you want to make sure that the food is good, ask if they offer tastings or sample. Go to their business and see how they present their food.

Corporate event catering Lexington KY

For a catering company that offers scrumptious food at a great price hire J. Render’s BBQ. They offer several catering specials that are sure to please. For more inquiries contact J.Render’s at 859-533-9777.