If Not, We Can Help!


Listen, we know. It is very difficult to not feel stressed during the holidays. Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter that enhances a true sense of calm and contentment, resulting in lower anxious feelings. While there are multiple ways to keep your oxytocin flowing, here are some specific things you can do with J. Render’s help.

  1. Give a gift. – Giving of any kind releases oxytocin, even the smallest gesture. Take our angel tree, for example. Knowing you made a child’s Christmas brighter also gives you a true boost of “feel good.” We also have plenty of merch that can be shipped to someone you wish to bless. What better gift than items from your local favorite restaurant?
  2. Listen to music. – Did you know we have live music on Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights? Take an evening for you and your bestie, partner, or group of pals. Enjoy dinner and live music during this busy time. Supporting a local artist while eating delicious grub is sure to do your mind and body good. Check out our upcoming events!
  3. Break bread with someone love. – We eat alone too often or may tend to eat while in front of the TV or smartphone. Share conversation and food at our restaurant or grab something to go. Also, sitting across the table and sharing an eye gaze with someone you love can quickly create a calm connected state and release oxytocin.

We told you our favorite three, but here are more ways to get that oxytocin charged and your calm on. Read more here: http://bit.ly/3V8if69